DIY: Foam Miniature Trays

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6 Responses to “DIY: Foam Miniature Trays”

  1. happygamer Says:

    Very nice! Hopefully you can get the foam in some other color than green hehehe, but thats not a huge deal. Excellent article though. What kind of glue did you use the pictures? Looks like wood glue?

  2. so what glue is best for foam without leaving those hardened chunks within the foam?

  3. Agamemnon Says:

    I did this for my paint case last summer. A little tricky but well worth it. I have a slot for every P3 paint/wash/ink and a bunch of ciadel type droppers in 1 case. Makes for great storage.

    You can check it out here.

  4. […] myself some storage? Well, a wonderful article that I had forgotten about a while back, written by Mike Geig of discuss how to make your own foam trays using some materials found in fabric stores. Well, oddly […]

  5. […] If you are anything like me (pray that you are not) then you are completely obsessed with storing and organizing your miniatures. For a while I used magnets to store my miniatures, and that worked rather well. As I accumulated more, however, I quickly lost the ability to store them safely (also, metal boxes are not cheap and are hard to find). Finally I decided to switch to foam trays. Lookign around, I found Sabol foam that works with the Army T … Read More […]

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