Paper Mache Trenches WIP

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Resurgence Proof!

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Well, even though I run tournaments often, I have never put any pictures or information on my blog. I figured I would break that cycle and do so now. I ran a resurgence event on January 30th at The Keep Games. We had a pretty good tournout at 10 players (good for us anyway). The factions played were a little lopsided however. 3 players automatically got their faction coin and one faction coin is still sitting unclaimed at the store:

0 Cygnar
1 Retribution of Scyrah
5 Khador
2 Cryx
1 Protectorate of Menoth
1 Mercenaries

The last round ended up being Khador v Khador, and with a surprise ending, Khador won! Thanks guys for the great tournout and fun!

Paper Mache Terrain – What I learned

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Some Paper Mache Terrain

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PG Christmas Exchange ’09

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So this year the PGs are doing a christmas minitature exchange. Here is the Vassal I did for my “secret buddy”:


Merry Christmas!

Shrink Your Own Tokens!

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Well, I finally finished Rhyas. I think I did a good job on her, but one thing that is apparent is that without a tripod, I suck at taking pictures. I may retake them at a later date, but for now, these will do. I have attempted to adhere closely to the studio paint scheme because I really like it, though I do have troubles with the cloth coloring.

Mark 2 Game Day

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Saturday, December 12th I will be hosting a Mark 2 game day at the Keep Games.

Hopefully people will be able to come and learn how to play MKII as well as take part in the hordes MKII Fieldtest.

Play time is from 2-8. Hope to see some people there.

Foodmachine ’09

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Massive full scale battle for hunger!


November 7th at 1:00pm


The Foodmachine massive battle will be a multi-player team game where players use teamwork, grit, and food donations to beat down the opposition. This event will be held to raise non-perishable food items for local food drives.


Admission fee will be five (5) non-perishable food items.

Special rules

-The event is open to both Hordes and Warmachine players
-There will be 2 teams composed of however many players show up
-There will be a point limit for each side of between 2000-5000 (depending on the number of players and points available to play with)
-Non-perishable food will be usable to modify the game: Boost a roll (1 can), Buy an attack (2 cans), Reroll (3 cans), and many other ways decided on the day of play
-Terrain and objectives will be determined the day of the event based on the number of players attending
-More special rules may be declared the day of the event
-Remember, this event is to have fun and to donate to local food drives

Donate like you have a pair!

Coming Along

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I haven’t posted in a while. I am going to be a dad soon so things are slowing down.


More as it develops.